top-10-short-films-of-2009 It’s been a great year for online films which has made it tough for us. Nevertheless, all of us here at Short of the Week have banded together to bring to you the official top 10 online films of 2009. Like a well-balanced meal, there’s a little bit of everything: comedy, drama, animation, and plenty of stuff too difficult to categorize. One thing is for sure, you’re certain to find a gem. So sit back, refill your eggnog, and enjoy the best films of 2009.

Duration: 103 min


Drama ABOUT The Mind IN 3D Animation


A meteorite encounter causes a man to exist 91cm from himself in this beautifully haunting illustration of a self-destructive mind.

Sci-Fi ABOUT Transformation IN Live-Action


A young time traveler is confronted by an arrogant and hairless future version of himself—the winner of Short of the Week's Gut Check Competition.

Drama ABOUT Innocence IN Live-Action

The Most Beautiful Man in the World

At a major moment in her life, a young girl encounters an unknown man outside her house, in this ambiguous, poetic film.

Musical ABOUT Redemption IN Live-Action

That's Magic!

A dispassionate master of the stage is brought to see the magic around us every day.

Adventure ABOUT Hope IN Stop-Motion

Sorry I'm Late

A fun, simple story of a man's adventure getting home all animated in life-size, stop-motion with real people and bizarre objects.

Dark Comedy ABOUT Revenge IN Live-Action


It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Experimental ABOUT Abuse IN Animation

The Black Dog's Progress

Tragic story of a dog's trail through abusive owners told through a series of cascading flip books.

Fantasy ABOUT Loss IN Animation

The Cat Piano

A dark, animated fantasy pulled off with style and panache. The Musicians of this cat-town have disappeared, sacrificed to the infernal Cat Piano. Our world-weary hero must fight to get them back.

Documentary ABOUT Society IN

Photograph of Jesus

The humorous requests received at a photographic archive are the fodder for this splendid animation.