The most innovative stories of our time.

Short of the Week has been serving up epic, bite-sized films to millions since 2007. We discover and promote the greatest and most innovative stories from around the world.

Understanding of our world, our experiences, all that we know, comes from the stories we tell.

Stories about what it’s like to grow up…

Six Dollar Fifty Man

Stories about killer zombies,

I Love Sarah Jane

Stories about love,

Requiem for Romance

and about loss.

Margo Lily

The stories that shape us.

We believe in the power of story to illuminate and find meaning in this complex world. Stories were our first way of passing on knowledge. From stories around a cave fire to dramatic theater to digital 3D experiences, storytellers have shaped our world. Stories take us to new places, introduce us to new people, and put us in new situations—all at a comfortable distance. Some stories are fun, some are challenging, some are downright painful. But a great story always keeps us thinking for days. It becomes an experience—a reference point—seared into our memories as part of an ever-growing understanding of the world that makes us each unique.

The future is on the web.

We believe short films pave the future of storytelling and that the most interesting stories aren’t being told in theaters or on TV, they’re being told here on the web. This is where you find the storytellers who are breaking free from formulas, inventing new genres, and surprising the world with shocking new points of view. The next Spielberg, Tarantino, or Cuaron won’t come from film festivals. They will come from the web.

The web is changing everything. From how films are made to how they’re consumed.

What we do

Every week we program an episode worth of the greatest online stories (about 45 minutes). Start here. Looking for something specific? Sci-Fi, Comedy, check out our channels.

We also think a lot about how the traditional world of stories is changing. When we think we have a point to make, we write it down.

The Team

We are filmmakers, writers, and connoisseurs of the web. We’re based in Brooklyn with contributors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, UK, Austria, and beyond.


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