1. Muto, 7min—Street art comes alive in this life-scale animation of a surrealist metamorphosis.

2. The Big Empty, 21min—A beautiful and bittersweet story about inner emptiness.

3. I Love Sarah Jane, 14min—A zombie movie that’s not really about zombies but the confusion around falling in love for the first time.

4. There is Only One Sun, 8min—Wong Kar Wai spins a dreamy futurist world filled with bright lights and deep thoughts.

5. Jettison Your Loved Ones, 6min—Nothing sums up the avant garde of today’s filmmaking quite like this: weaving meaning into the nonsensical with a playful irreverence for the old masters.

6. Father and Daughter, 8min—Heartfelt animation about a longing that defies logic.

7. The Bloody Olive, 10min—Classic black & white noir with a twist—a few twists.

8. More, 7min—Dark claymation about the dangers of corruption.

9. Mankind Is No Island, 4min—A visual essay shot entirely with cell phones on the streets New York.

10. One Rat Short, 9min—A rat finds love in a lab in this animation that immerses you in the action.