1. Inside— – Multiple personalities strike again.

2. Balance— – A group of men stand atop a floating platform only to find their balance disturbed by a musical box and their own greedy ambitions (claymation).

3. Badgered – —All the badger wants is some peaceful rest; difficult when you’re resting over an underground missile launch site.

4. Abigail— – A seemingly random set of events occur on a jet diving toward its doom.

5. She and Her Cat – —A dreamy anime about a cat’s love for its young female friend.

6. Alive in Joburg— – Robotic aliens attack downtown Joburg in this ultra realistic short.

7. Dog— – To a child, mercy and murder can look an awful lot alike. This dark claymation tells the story of a kid and his sick dog.

8. Living in the Dark— – A son’s temporary blindness bring him and his father closer in this beautifully animated short.

9. Black Button— – This student film poses a difficult moral dilemma——would you push this button for $1 million?

10. City Paradise— – Learning a new city is challenging. This stylized animation takes us through the strangeness of London as witnessed by an immigrant.