You can usually gauge how strong a month it has been at Short of the Week by the reaction of the team when it comes to ‘Best of the Month’ time. A weaker month and I’m often chasing to get picks for their favourite films, but a strong month and they come flooding in without much pushing – July was one of these months (one of our most vocal members of the S/W team even got their vote in on July 17th they were so confident it would be their favourite).

Along with the 22 films we featured in the month, we also shared news of upcoming TV show adaptations for Hair Love and Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, took a look at the best of Royal College of Art grad show, put together on Olympics playlist and featured a new batch of #ShelterShorts.

For our favourites films, it was so hard to separate the votes from the team, so I’ve gone for a quartet of shorts, instead of the usual trio. The foursome – described by our team as “subtle and slight but utterly effective”, “one of the best genre shorts ever made”, “a short that works on every level” and a “mini, understated masterpiece” – makes for just under an hour of viewing that promises to toy with your emotions and linger long after watching.

Horror Just Philippot

Acide (Acid)

A young family desperately seeks shelter from an approaching storm - but this is no ordinary rain, it burns.

Drama Hazel McKibbin


A young woman grapples with the aftermath of reporting sexual harassment in the workplace.

Drama Pisie Hochheim & Tony Oswald


An old handheld camera disrupts the chaotic bedtime routine of a single mother and her young son.

Dramedy Seth Epstein & Ben Epstein

Something Like Loneliness

Neighbours Mia and Dan bargain over their favourite sounds, captured in food storage containers.

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