Among the tens of thousands of films that debuted online over the last year, the 150+ that we featured here on Short of the Week, and the 9 that we’ve honored here with the SOTW Awards 2013, one stood out above all the others. Not only that, but it’s one of the best shorts we’ve ever experienced. That film is none other than… I have no qualms saying that this is easily the best collection of online films we’ve ever put together.

Short of the Year!

Adventure Mikey Yes Please

The Eagleman Stag

Peter has discovered that the longer we live, the faster time passes. Before it's too late, he finds hope for a cure in a curious little beetle.

We were shocked when the Academy Awards made the huge mistake of not nominating this masterpiece. The Eagleman Stag is flat out one of the best short films you will ever see! It tells an epic tale of life and loss—”resolutely strange, mysteriously beautiful”—the human experience compressed into 9 minutes. It’s also an incredible work of craftsmanship carved entirely from foam with a scalpel. In a way, the Oscar snub makes perfect sense. Let’s face it, the Oscars have come to reflect an aging taste for safe, classic film. Powerful, shocking, innovative films like this deserve better.

Best Animation!

Drama Eamonn O'Neill

I'm Fine Thanks

The indignities of life add up, sometimes more than you can take. But our protagonist is fine thanks.

Best Live-Action!

Documentary Doug Nichol


An American advertising producer in Shanghai tries to sell fast food to the Chinese. An endearing portrait of a modern day "Mad Man."

Best New Media!

Experimental Andrew Huang


An experimental film dealing with themes of separation and connection, Andrew Huang's latest is a jaw droppingly gorgeous visual symphony in 3 movements.