While we have a deeply tumultuous relationship to the Oscars when it comes to the nomination and eligibility process, it’s a treat to see short film and short filmmakers celebrated on such a global stage. And, speaking of those nominations,  in 2016, the year of #oscarssowhite, several pundits have noted that it is the short film category that injects much needed diversity into the Oscar race. The Wrap and USA Today both noted that the short films in consideration feature a higher concentration of characters and subjects of non-white ethnicity, and also a higher percentage of female filmmakers than any other category. Short of the Week believes in new forms of storytelling, and sometimes that is not just about formal innovation, but also about introducing the viewer to a fresh point of view, or a new perspective that we don’t often see.

Of course we’re thrilled to see Short of the Week alumni included in the nominations too: the ever-amazing animator Don Hertzfeldt, nominated for World of Tomorrow,  Courtney Marsh, who is nominated for the documentary Chau, Beyond the Lines, and David Darg, Bryn Mooser and the team from RYOT, also in the short documentary category for Body Team 12.

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