A surreal comedy about relentlessly upbeat soccer moms, a nostalgic look at meandering teenage life in a small middle American town, and a standout fan-favorite at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, this month’s ‘Best of’ picks have a little something for everyone—that is, if what everyone is looking for are these three very specific things.

Every month when I compile this round-up of the best films we’ve featured over the past 30-days or so, I’m always keen to find a common theme that unites the three or four films we feature, but this month I’m flailing—the films just feel too different to find a meaningful relationship between the trio.

So instead of desperately searching for one, let’s just praise them. I think what’s great about the three films that make up this playlist is the diverse range of emotions you’ll experience when watching. From the crushing insecurities experienced in Dan Chen’s Ella, the devastating heartbreak of a friend’s betrayal in Michael Covino’s The Climb, and the bewildering joy of Paul Briganti, Jocelyn DeBoer, and Dawn Luebbe’s Greener Grass, prepare yourself for some emotional up-and-downs in this 38-minute playlist.

Drama Dan Chen


Left behind by the same loved one, two Asian American youth search for connection in their small Midwestern town.

Comedy Michael Covino

The Climb

Kyle is depressed, and a weekend bike ride with his best friend, Mike, should help. Fresh air. Camaraderie. Exercise. But Mike has something to say that might ruin the ride.

Dark Comedy Jocelyn DeBoer & 2 Others

Greener Grass

In this dark comedy of manners set in a surreal world, meticulously-coiffed soccer moms Jill and Lisa vie for perfect children, perfect husbands, and most importantly, perfect teeth.

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