With winter now upon us and the results of the election still ringing in our ears, you might be looking to our ‘Best of the Month’ round-up to spread a little warmth through your life…but you’ll find no sunshine here! A trio of films about failing – a failing school system, a failing relationship and a man who feels he’s failing at life – November’s pick are a serious watch, but look past the somewhat downbeat subjects and you’ll experience three powerful short films each with their own strong message.

Special praise also has to go to the return of Late Night Work Club for uniting the internet and bringing together some of our favourite animators in their latest anthology Strangers

Drama Ben Kallam

Red Folder

A high school student is sent out of class to find the teacher’s red folder, only to reach a much different destination.

Documentary Victoria Mapplebeck

160 Characters

Text messages on an old Nokia phone tell the story of a 3-year relationship, and raises questions over how we communicate in an increasingly electronic world.

Drama Jake Honig

Black Swell

A man (Richard Kind) tries to kill himself in a motel room - a thought-provoking short drama with an emotive kicker.

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