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Comedy Chris Capel

Working With Jigsaw

Working with Jigsaw is not as cool as you'd think...

Working With Jigsaw

Directed By Chris Capel
Made In USA

Think your 9 to 5 job is killing you? Try working with the world’s most cunning, tiny puppet who takes office pranks to a whole new, deadly level. Directed by Chris Capel, Working with Jigsaw is 3 minutes of pure evil genius, a film with uncompromising immaturity and relentless, gut-busting laughs which keep on coming. If you haven’t already seen it, you are in for a treat. Or maybe a trick or two…

Jigsaw seems to have moved on from his carefree, murderous days in the Saw horror franchise, and like most of us has had to settle for a regular office job. But old habits die hard and much to the annoyance of his colleagues, his talent for coming up with torturous games is as fruitful as ever. 3 years after Capel showed us a glimpse of what it’s like Living with Jigsaw, the director has made a hell of a comeback with a bigger, better, more polished and well thought-out sequel Working with Jigsaw. The little puppet is just as big of an arsehole, however, he has upped his game and the result is funnier than ever!

There is so much to admire here, but as they say, the devil’s in the details. From the pop-ups on Janine’s (or Janiiiiiiiiiiineeeeee’s) computer, including ads which read ‘Would you sleep with a Nazi sympathiser’ and ‘My wife is dead (and I’m super horny), to the anonymous man who walks past, covered in post-it notes. These shots which appear for just a fraction of a second raise so many questions and give the short more depth than you’d expect from a 3min horror spoof. You could say that Capel’s attention to detail is the cherry on the koala urine frosted cake.

Another brilliance worth mentioning is the subtlety of the actors’ performances. Their delivery is spot on, without even a suggestion of overacting, which would’ve inevitably spoilt the comedy. The jaded indifference everyone treats Jigsaw with is so hilarious in itself, alluding to a long history of unimaginable abuse. Working with Jigsaw gets better with every watch. However, be warned that you might soon start sneaking up behind your colleagues’ computers, saying stuff like ‘I want to play a game’ in that low, throaty voice, or glueing pins to their mouse. Chris Capel has started something truly special and I hope he continues on with the Jigsaw series, but why stop there? Why not venture out and have a short about going to school with Annabelle or on a date with Chucky? Thoughts?