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Satire Jossie Malis

Bendito Machine V: Pull the Trigger

Beautiful rumination on the age-old perils of war from a classic animated web series.

Bendito Machine V: Pull the Trigger

Directed By Jossie Malis
Produced By Zumbakamera
Made In Spain

For the past decade, Jossie Malis’ lovable, intricate silhouette world of Bendito Machine has brought us episode after episode of cultural critiques on everything from religion to transportation. Back again, Bendito Machine V: Pull the Trigger, sets its aim on war.

From primitive tribes throwing spears to more advanced guns to nuclear weapons, Bendito Machine V presents a condensed view of creatures destroying one another throughout time. It’s all done in beautiful Jossie Malis style that’s evolved in complexity but still feels as fresh as it did the day the first episode landed a decade ago.

Episode V was crowdfunded in textbook fashion via Kickstarter, and Jossie is now actively crowdfunding for the final episode that will bookend the series. Head on over to his Kickstarter campaign and contribute see this epic tale completed.