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Satire Hasraf HaZ Dulull



Directed By Hasraf HaZ Dulull
Made In USA

Usually we’re discouraging silly cat videos, but Fubar is an exception. Don’t get me wrong—silly it still is. In fact, it’s modus operandi seems to be taking the best viral elements and mashing them together into one film—cats, dogs, and special effects action set in an apocalyptic world. You’d think you might end up with either a viral masterpiece or a hot mess. But the results are neither as potent nor as disastrous as they may sound. It’s a film that uses sensationalism to deliver a deeper message.

Fubar presents a world similar to ours in which dogs and cats are engaged in a war using our modern technology. Once you get past the mediocre voice acting, the film loads overloads the drama with a heavy score and Hollywood-style film titles. Yet it does all of this with it’s tongue firmly placed in cheek. A doberman pincher yells, “Abort immediately! I am the commander in chief!” as a cat’s face glows red staring into an incoming enemy missile.

But when you begin to think of our conflicts today—Isreali/Palestine, Christian/Muslim—the film looks a lot less silly. The message is familiar but strong: war is in our nature . “We fight them because they fight us.”

As a motion comic, the visuals here are nothing spectacular. But honestly, they’re not meant to be. It’s over-the-top use of lens flares and camera moves parody that of the Hollywood blockbuster which director, Hasraf HaZ Dulull, seems familiar with having done special effects for big films like The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2.

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