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Comedy Daniel Scheinert & Daniel Kwan

My Best Friend's Wedding / My Best Friend's Sweating

The latest, hilarious viral short from DANIELS the team behind the amazing Dogboarding!

My Best Friend's Wedding / My Best Friend's Sweating

Directed By Daniel Scheinert & Daniel Kwan
Produced By DANIELS
Made In USA

DANIELS, the amazing duo of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, have been on a mission the past year, killing the Vimeo masses with perfectly-realized DSLR/CG absurdities—delectable video treats that combine low-budget film techniques with ingenious, high-concept effects—a style evident in their F5 fest segment Puppets, dramatic music video “Simple Math”, and in their viral spot par excellence, Dogboarding.

Sweating… is the latest from the team, and is a 1 minute long comic gem that just busted me out of seat and onto the floor, convulsing and rolling into hilarious submission. It passed the late night party test too, as I had to play it twice for a group of stoners who couldn’t believe what they had just seen the first time. It is a little viral compared to our usual picks, however DANIELS has strong ties to the motion graphics community, a scene we observe pretty closely, and I’ve been able to watch them grow in confidence and ability through their many diverse efforts (including fashion film!). Basically I’ve just been itching to feature something of theirs for a while, and in pure guffaw-inducement this might be their best yet.

This short is part of episode 18 of EVERYTHING, an amazing sketch compendium that is in the midst of a remarkable run at Channel 101, the ruthless LA video-comedy proving ground started by Dan Harmon of Community-fame. Audiences vote month to month on your comedy series, and if it stops being funny even once, you get booted off. The 18 episodes of Everything, comprise one of the longest runs I can remember ever seeing. Check out their back catalog.