Short of the Week


An intense battle for love plays out in beautiful hand-drawn animation by Pixar animator, Erick Oh.

A lone being finds a heart and soon an intense battle breaks out among them. You could say the metaphor is a bit heavy-handed or that the concept isn’t new (Heartstrings). But the truth is, Heart does something which is very difficult—take a familiar idea to a new level. Just when you think the film is about to run away into the world of cliché, Erick twists the story toward the unpredictable.

Using digital techniques but every bit done by hand, the simple black and white animation has a fluidity and energy that’s gone missing in most animation today. Erick infuses his heart-wrenching parable with intense action. Soft bodies run, collide, and morph into new forms in a way reminiscent of the talented traditional animator, Patrick Smith (Puppet).

Heart has spent the last two years playing at Hiroshima, Siggraph, SXSW, and too many others to list. It also helped land Erick a spot at Pixar where he is now having contributed to Brave and the upcoming Monsters University film.

Andrew makes no attempt to hide his love for the magic art of animation. He appreciates compelling visuals but never forgets that in this modern age, a strong story always reigns supreme. You can see his work at or his latest film The Thomas Beale Cipher.
  • malacar

    I really loved because it is like a summary of the history of humanity, the quest for happiness that leads to wars and conflicts and ends up repeating itself time after time

  • LostPlace

    I can’t help but watch this again and again, wonderful animation, conceptually poignient and the score is perfect.

  • Ezugwu Chim

    In the short film(animated) “Heart” theres plenty of symbolism found. A red heart appears from the sky. In the black-white animation, the red heart symbolizes not just love, but the greedy and covetous desire of human beings. A baffling tree, as it seems, is the fertilization of the desire of man to seek his ambition; The end to which man come s to realization of the evitable destruction of himself. As much as the heart( man’s desire, affection. Etc) can bestow love, it can cause the destruction that overwhelms him into utter darkness of his own ambition. The man that picked up the heart wears it on his head. Maybe he is trying to show-off or boast about his new found happiness or perhaps, it is not his fault, but the misdemeanor of the society he finds other, yet a woman convinced him to hold the heart. He lets his guard down towards the woman, but defends it from man. The woman symbolizes the weakness of man; The sensitivity that causes man to shriek and yield to its grasp. The woman can also symbolizes the reality of life and its true face. A foreseen uproar commences among many people ( the man and woman). This is the struggle and determination shown by man to achieve his desire. Evidently, the head of the men who desire to climb the gigantic flesh, which symbolizes the obstacles of life; meaning that it is a addiction, obsession, enslavement of our mind to continue to chase what is ours, but in reality wasn’t ours to begin with. The climax displays a lot of symbolism as explained, but the end eludes the common meaning of the whole film. In the end, the suspenseful action leads to the construction of a tree like shape figure in which everyone dies. The man redeems the heart. However, in the process hung himself. Man’s addiction(the tree shaped figure) and ambition to have his desire ultimately destroy himself. The heart falls out of the man hand and the process can begin all over again. Man’s will, need, lust to love can cause happiness, but our surrounding, society, ib envy, leads to a greater destruction than we can ever imagine.