Short of the Week


Pockets are pretty convenient, but can be dangerous when the wrong hands are in them.

Robbing a magician is always going to be dangerous.

A homeless bum, bored of eating the same food every night, promises his girlfriend a special dinner. He plans to take her out with money robbed from a passing stranger.

But the bum’s in for a surprise when the man he targets for his mugging turns out to have special – and hilarious – powers.

It’s been a year since we last shared a film from DANIELS, a duo of film-makers both called Daniel. Their slapstick style is popular with Vimeo viewers, and has earned the pair a loyal following.

Short enough to go viral, Pockets has been well received on Twitter, with Tweeted reviews including “Simple yet creative“, “A damn cool idea” and “this probably should have been in The Matrix“. (I agree, I could see this as a Matrix sequence).

As well as being shared on Vimeo, Pockets is part of Random Acts, a growing collection of nearly 200 short creative films collected and commissioned by the British TV station Channel 4.

The last time we featured a DANIELS video, the only person to comment (ironically, named Daniel) was “not too keen”. Tell us what you make of this offering in the comments.

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  • Chris

    I like how it got really intense p to the point where she disappeared and then how you couldn’t stop laughing when he said “Did you realize what she just ate”? A story that can flip from two totally different emotions in a slit second means it was done well. Good job guys!

  • Henry Thong

    This is great! So much fun to watch – hilariously executed stuff.

  • Alexis

    “Everyone has pockets.” This was hysterical.

  • David Masters

    Yes, that’s a great line! I also love “What are we going to do without pockets?”

  • David Masters

    I find the twist at the end particularly funny.

  • David Masters

    It flips real fast, hey? Flips in emotional tone can be difficult to execute, yet every flip grabbed me.

  • Dylan Winter

    Daniels are the best. All their stuff has this type of surreal humor to it.

  • Paul Duvall

    Well executed and lots of fun – I’ll be hunting down the other Daniels stuff shortly.

  • Paul Duvall

    Well executed and lots of fun – I’ll be hunting down the other Daniels stuff shortly.

  • Valerie Bass

    This was so creative and the execution was phenomenal!

  • Simon

    Hahaha, hilarious. Such a dumb superpower explored seriously with a sense of knowing.