Short of the Week

The Roper

Kendrick, an up-and-coming calf roper from Louisiana, shares his dream of reaching the Las Vegas rodeo finals.

The child, Kendrick Domingue told his father, decades ago, as they watched the rodeo, “I’m gonna rope in there one year.” The young Kendrick’s prophecy came true, and today he tours the rodeo circuit as a professional roper, the result of his lifelong passion for horses.

The Roper, produced by brand story studio Lucid Inc, is a visually exquisite documentary, with beautiful panoramic shots reminiscent of the best Western movies. Presenting an honest, gritty picture of Kendrick’s life, the film avoids the temptation to romanticize the life of a traveling cowboy. Today’s cowboys spend as much time riding on tarmac roads as dusty tracks, with the city gas station instead of a saloon providing the backdrop. Moreover, as an African-American rider, Kendricks is an outsider in the world of rodeo, an issue the film confronts, touching on themes of race, belonging, and generational differences.

The Roper is one short in Lucid Inc’s documentary series Meet Me Here, a collection of films telling stories of the people, places and things which ignited the studio’s curiosity. All of them are worth watching, and you can find them here.

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  • Pascoe Foxell

    Well, it seemed pretty romanticised to me…

  • APS

    Nice film but weird write-up. Must have been watching a different film!

  • APS

    Nice film but weird write-up. Must have been watching a different film!

  • Tom

    Great, I liked it a lot.

  • Heather L. Robinson

    I thought it was great had to watch it twice…and I will probably watch it again…

  • Rachel

    Nothing like torturing an innocent baby for entertainment- not!!! Shame on you people