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I, Pet Goat II

Symbolic remix of the world’s modern travesties rendered with an incredible level of polish by a new Canadian animation studio.

Every once in a great while, I come across an animated film that’s so fresh and so bizarre that it’s near impossible to describe. The best films will innovate on story, others on style. But it’s rare to see both come together in one film. It doesn’t happen often—David OReilly’s Please Say Something, Eran Hilleli’s Between Bears, Chris Landreth’s Ryan. Now, we present Heliofant’s dreary surrealist short I, Pet Goat II.

I, Pet Goat II is a difficult film to dissect, but I’ll give it a try. First, the story is less of a narrative and more like an interpretive dance of modern travesties—America’s war on terror, religious fundamentalism, militarianism in Aftrica, totalitarianism in China, and exploitation all over the world (some of which may seem a little heavy-handed to us Americans). It’s packed with loaded symbols used to remix pop culture into a new mythology complete with surreal landscapes and zany characters.

Second, it’s very theatrical. There’s a lot of dancing with scenes rendered like sets and characters painted like vinyl figures. Even the editing has a bit of a Red Curtain aesthetic. The movement of the film is one of its greatest strengths. Motion capture was used for about half the animation adding a much needed ‘real’ touch to the surrealism.

Heliofant is a new animation studio based in Montreal.

Heliofant is a nascent independent computer animation studio focused on creating experimental and challenging content. Bringing together artists from the fields of dance, music, computer animation and visual arts, the company is very interested in exploring the common ground that underlies many spiritual and philosophical traditions in a lyrical form.

Every film is a collaborative effort, but Heliofant goes a step beyond just a credit listing to call out their individual creativity. Everyone’s contribution seems to shine—in particular, the driving score by Tanuki Project.

Keep your eyes on Heliofant. The world of animation just got a little more interesting.

Andrew makes no attempt to hide his love for the magic art of animation. He appreciates compelling visuals but never forgets that in this modern age, a strong story always reigns supreme. You can see his work at or his latest film The Thomas Beale Cipher.
  • Modcitymedia

    Bizarre is right. Very well done with the animation, just very…bizarre. I’m more of a narrative lover rather than the symbolic stream-of-consciousness thing this seems to be, but they did a excellent job on what they set out to do.

  • Ay Dios Mio

    Is it obvious yet? The dark cabal is unraveling. Prepare yourselves for the emotional stress of seeing the TRUTH finally broadcast from the mainstream media. When you hear the cabal that has been running things for thousands of years, raping/murdering children, causing wars, poisoning the earth and its inhabitants,  and generally spreading evil, is actually a GOOD thing, you won’t believe it at first. Try to understand that they were sent here to teach us.

  • guest

    brilliant watch and so meaningful for many different reasons, depending on how awake one is , .. well done and keep up the good work 

  • NB7933

    I, Pet Goat  was the book  Pres. Bush was reading to the kids during 9/11. This is about the next 9/11. It wont happen though; the cabal is done! Watch the youtube breakdown on this by TheGroxt.
    To the animators, artist, and all the people who made this video; you just took a paycheck from the Illuminati! Maybe do something a little more positive next time instead of supporting these satanist.

  • irishraider2011

    You people have no idea what you’re looking at. You are blinded by your earthly belief system. If you truly want to open your minds you will watch this breakdown of what this so called short film is really disguised as.

    And part 2

  • John Corbitt

    This is a beautifully designed and work of animation. Too bad the message, as confusing as it is, is a patchwork of goofy philosophies that have been passed back and forth from people who just don’t like the idea of God who holds us accountable, but would rather create a spiritualism that makes them their own god.

    I hate to see such magnificent talent wasted on such rubbish.

  • george

    Fantastic on so many levels! shame about all the deluded commenters

  • fabricio

    Que es el fundamentalismo: En un sentido más amplio, se le llama fundamentalismo a cualquier corriente religiosa o ideológica que promueva la interpretación literal de sus textos sagrados o fundacionales (por encima de una interpretación contextual), o bien la aplicación intransigente de una doctrina o práctica establecida. Los fundamentalistas consideran determinado libro como autoridad máxima, ante la cual ninguna otra autoridad puede invocarse y la cual debería imponerse sobre las leyes de las sociedades democráticas.Toda iniciativa fundamentalista está abocada a inmiscuirse en la política del Estado en el que se desarrolla por su misma naturaleza moralista y reformista. Ya que el Estado posee el monopolio de la educación o, al menos, su control en prácticamente todo el mundo, los fundamentalistas se ven constantemente enfrentados a él cuando sus doctrinas son ignoradas o, como ocurre habitualmente, del todo criticadas en la enseñanza. Es obvio que cualquier movimiento de estas características buscará la mayor difusión de sus ideas entre el gran público y de ahí la necesidad de controlar los vehículos del saber. Los fundamentalistas suelen basarse en escuelas de pensamiento preexistentes y modificarlas a su medida o bien crear las suyas propias.Una situacion poco conocida es la psicologia como base para el fundamentalismo que intentaria una mas ambiciosa concepcion desde una interpretacion religiosa-idiologica-racial-cientifica o pseudocientifica.El fundamentalismo es un concepto moderno que surge como reacción cuando la sociedad moderna empieza a guiarse por leyes humanas y deja de lado las divinas, afectando a los hábitos y al estilo de vida en relacion a la fe.En muchos casos, el concepto del fundamentalismo viene irremediablemente atado a la interpretación.En el ámbito hispanohablante, su uso es más reciente aún que en el anglosajón: la edición del DRAE de 1992 todavía no lo tenia en cuenta.Tampoco una enciclopedia de referencia como la Larousse lo incorpora hasta su revisión de 1984, y únicamente aplicado al fundamentalismo islámico. El término nació a principios del siglo XX en los EE. UU. y rápidamente pasó a definir ideologías cristianas protestantes que, enarbolando la infalibilidad de la Biblia, pretendían un regreso a las posturas fundacionales del cristianismo, basándose en muchos casos en nociones reaccionarias.El fundamentalismo idiologico es aun menos conocido, en lugar de ser una interpretacion es directamente el uso de la psicologia en funcion a esto. El episodio refleja situaciones y conceptos descriptivos de toda esta situacion.