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It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

This is a film that has been on SotW’s radar for a while. A 2008 Sundance online offering, it was posted to the net even before that, thanks to the progressive views of director Nash Edgerton and the folks at Blue Tongue—home incidentally of 2008 fave I Love Sarah Jane.

It has been extremely popular, but I sat on posting it because something about the film didn’t sit with me right. It’s for sure a superior film, I just think I loved everything about it except the parts that I assume everyone loves. ^_^

Good thing I waited I suppose, because MarBelle scored an interview with, and a real cool vfx vid from Mr. Edgerton for his own site, which adds a little bit of illumination to a key sequence—forcefully overcoming any reservations on my part to recommend.

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  • Nils

    “Spider” is one of my all time favorite shorts. *Spoiler* I love how it scares the hell out of you in minute and in next minute makes you laugh really hard */Spoiler* + the cinematography is superb and one can really feel the chemistry between the two protagonists.

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  • Daniel Bottoms

    Bravo, truly made me jump.Good pace and ironic hook at the end.An excellent short film.

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  • A. Adan

    Extremely tragic story. So tragic that it allows no amusement at all for anyone with an inch of emotional depth & understanding. Overall, it’s great in that it resembles life a lot, except for the final surprise of course.

  • David

    Dead link

  • Short of the Week

    Thanks for the heads up. You can still catch it over on Directors’ Notes

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  • mel

    good god that made me jump out of my skin.. so simple but so effective..

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