(Disclosure: Short of the Week Editor Jason Sondhi is a Curator for Vimeo)

As promised in September, Vimeo has given us a peek at their new service which will allow content creators to rent or sell video content on the site. Yesterday’s offering of 6 feature films is only a curated beta launch, but sometime next year the service is expected to expand into an open platform for all Vimeo PRO subscribers.

We touched on why this is exciting news during the initial announcement, but many commentators agree that having a platform which is web-based, does not rely on gatekeepers or aggregators to gain access to and, most difficultly, already has a large native audience, is potentially a great development for indie filmmakers. We know the details of what’s being offered, what we don’t know is how it will be used.

According to Vimeo’s rules you can monetize anything that is acceptable via their terms of service, including short films. Is that a good idea though? We want to hear from you—is there value to be had in selling your short film? How many of you are interested in renting or selling short films via Vimeo’s new service? What are the potential drawbacks as you see them? Please give thoughts in the comments.