We believe in stories.

Stories that shape our understanding of the world. Innovative stories that push new boundaries and drive at the heart of what it means to be alive today. It’s what motivated us to start Short of the Week 8 years ago.

However, while the quality of short films has improved, the online video viewing experience hasn’t really evolved since the early days. For the most part, it’s still a tiny window on a page surrounded by more videos.

A big step.

With Short of the Week, we set out to create the best viewing experience. Not just the best way to watch short films, but the best experience for watching online videos—period. We want to get lost in a film. This means full screen video, continuous play, cross-device compatibility, and nothing to get our way. SOTW4-laptop-home

New Look

We’ve created a new look for Short of the Week including a new logo and fresh look across the site. With help of some of the world’s top animators (Eamonn O’Neill, Max Hattler, Caleb Wood, Matthias Hoegg, Tony Comley), we’ve created a series of SOTW bumpers to bring our new brand to life. You can see them play between films here on the site or watch them all on our Vimeo page ›


New Custom Player

This is the heart of the Short of the Week. We built a custom player wrapper that plays full screen across your browser and is just dead simple to use. For the first time, you can kick back and watch films full screen. You can watch as many as you want back to back with continuous play. And when your queue runs out, we will build a playlist for you on the fly with our unique recommendations that combines curator tastes with viewer behavior.


Mobile & TV

Short of the Week has a fully responsive design so it works across every browser and every device as if it’s a native app. Catch your favorite films anywhere you go. It’s not only easier to watch films, but it’s easier to read our reviews as well. Our fonts and type sizes have been specifically selected and tuned for easy reading on any device.



Find your flavor—Dark Comedy, Animation, Love, Revenge—you name it. Browse our films by genre, topic, style, and country. Want to binge watch all the greatest films from China? It’s possible.


If you’re interested in having your film featured on Short of the Week, you can submit it to us. For less than the cost of a typical festival submission, we not only guarantee that we’ll watch your film, but we’ll let you know within a week, as well as give you useful feedback on your film to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Submit a film ›


We hope you love the new site as much as we do. Take it for a ride and help us kick the tires. If you find anything that seems broken or just have a great idea that you think we should consider, send us a note: help@shortoftheweek.com

I’d like to share a big thank you to Matt Kenefick who single-handedly built the entire site and put up with my tireless requests for over a year. I’d also like to thank the full SOTW crew—editors, contributors, screeners—for all they’ve done to update our 1200+ posts and make sure all ran smoothly and looked great. Finally, we want to thank you—the fans—for supporting us for so many, many years. Thank you, all.