After a long year of development, we are ready to open the doors on the biggest thing we’ve ever done at Short of the Week!

For years, we’ve curated the best online short films and helped launch the careers of thousands of filmmakers. Yet despite the explosion of streaming video, we know that many filmmakers still struggle to get their work seen, and those who do manage to reach an audience, often struggle to make meaningful connections to real industry opportunities. Things have become more challenging this past year when many in-person events shut down. The old model isn’t working anymore.

A new short film community platform

We’re taking everything we wish we had as filmmakers and building a professional community that brings together the most exciting emerging filmmakers and top industry professionals from studios, agencies, distributors, and festivals. It’s the definitive place for all things short film.

For filmmakers, you get a webpage that acts as the home for your short film where you can share gallery images, list credits, and awards all which you can customize to fit your film’s style (no need to pay for a website). It’s the best place to get your film seen by the top industry professionals on a platform trusted by millions.

For industry members, you get exclusive access to unreleased films, our fully-curated back catalog of the best short films, and a direct connection to the top emerging filmmakers.

How to Apply

We’re now in private beta and accepting applications. If you’d like to join us, we invite you to apply now. If you work in the industry, you can apply for our industry membership to receive special industry access. We will be sending invitations as we scale up the platform. There will be no charge to use the platform while we are in private beta.

* Article illustration by Ben Bauchau