We are introducing the Short of the Week YouTube Channel!

Okay, so we’ve had a YouTube channel since 2007. But, to be honest, until now, it’s been little-used—a neglected outpost compared to other platforms. Well, no longer.

We believe short films, with their willingness to take risks and represent new voices, have the potential to touch mainstream audiences beyond the film community. And nowhere is that more possible today than on YouTube—and we think it could use a strong voice for short film.

From now on, top new Short of the Week films will be premiering every week on our YouTube Channel. Don’t miss out, be sure to Subscribe! 


In our Be Everywhere At Once guide to releasing your short film, we outlined a new approach to maximizing your film’s impact. The first key tenet is going to where audiences are.

Be everywhere. You can now reach millions of people around the world. Go to where the audiences are and get your short film on as many platforms as you can. Lower barriers to make it as easy to view and share your film as possible. You likely don’t know the producer, manager, or intern who may discover you, or the editor who may feature you on a big platform. Broaden your reach and allow serendipity to happen.—BEAO

The biggest video platform today (by a long shot) is YouTube. Once looked down upon by filmmakers and considered a second-rate experience by true film fans, YouTube has matured a lot over the past years. It now supports 4K streaming in any aspect ratio and has actually led the industry in adapting new streaming technologies such as 360 video and VR. On top of that, YouTube is everywhere with an app on every device. Most of us are already regularly watching YouTube content on our computers, phones, and connected TVs.  

On top of the technical advancements, we’ve found that the audience is growing and maturing. The comments have become more civil and insightful, and the filmmaking community is growing with popular channels like Dust, Alter, and Topic regularly publishing new premium short films, and a large cinephile community attracted by thoughtful and in-depth film essays. As for those annoying ads…they are optional. It’s entirely up to the channel host to decide to run ads (we don’t show ads on our films).

But of course, it all comes down to impact. When I released The Thomas Beale Cipher on Vimeo back in 2011 to a then-mind-boggling 300K views, I also quietly posted it to YouTube. Since then, the YouTube version, with no promotion, has steadily drawn in more viewers—amassing a new leading total of 475K views. With better discovery mechanics, short films on YouTube have the unique potential to break out and connect with a broader mainstream audience, as well as have longer lifespans. We’re seeing it on our channel, with recent features like Locker Room reaching audiences in the millions.

In Be Everywhere All At Once, a poll of filmmakers informed us that the two things that mattered the most to creators were gaining an audience, and creating professional opportunities. Views certainly aren’t the only thing that matters, but more views means broader exposure, which can increase your chances of spurring new career opportunities.

A hundred million views online won’t guarantee that you land a Netflix deal, nor does a mere 100 views forgo that possibility. But being seen as much as possible progressively increases your odds. —BEAO

For filmmakers, inclusion of their film on our YouTube channel is optional, but we, and many of them, are finding that it makes sense. For audiences, we hope that convenience of having Short of the Week curation in an app so many use across so many devices will be a boon, and help grow the number of short film lovers worldwide. However, never fear, all of the films we select will continue to be viewable here on Shortofthweek.com on day one, complete with in-depth reviews, interviews with the filmmakers, and other great content.

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