Join S/W Senior Programmer Chelsea Lupkin Today for a Reddit AMA

S/W’s very own Chelsea Lupkin has been invited by Reddit’s prestigious Horror subreddit to do an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) q&a session today with fans. You can participate over at /r/horror starting at 2pm ET.

The AMA is precipitated by the release of Flagged, a new horror short Chelsea made for Hulu’s “Huluween Film Festival” based (very) loosely off the travails of tech company content moderators as reported in The Verge. Here’s the short:

Of course you can ask Chelsea anything (it’s in the name after all). So Short of the Week questions are fine too, including what we look for in horror shorts, and the struggle of being a horror film stan on a team of horror snobs. Chelsea’s also got a great perspective on the current horror boom in film and tv development, having taken her short Lucy’s Tale on an award-winning festival run last year, before popping it online with Alter and garnering over 1.8M views and counting. 

Hope you join!

REDDIT AMA with Chelsea Lupkin