Interactive Jeff Buckley video blends story, music & technology into an innovative immersive experience

Design studios Blind and Interlude have combined to created this immersive (and surprisingly touching) visual accompaniment to the unreleased Jeff Buckley track Just Like a Woman. Featuring four parallel stories that viewers can “flick” between by clicking on interactive panels that scroll through the project pane, you the audience can decide on the emotive tone your viewing experience takes.

With our focus firmly on story here at Short of the Week, the music video is something we’re seeing covered with less frequency on our platform in recent times. However, what is sometimes lacking in the format when it comes to narrative, is more than made up for with the innovative craft often on show in these promos.

Interactivity is becoming more and prominent in the world of storytelling and from 360-degree virtual reality experiences to channel-hopping promos, music videos seem to be a hotbed for experimentation in this field – something we here at Short of the Week believe filmmakers worldwide should be monitoring to see how these immersive experiences can influence the future of storytelling.

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