Another year almost in the books! Thanks for spending time with us in 2017. Short of the Week turned 10 years old this year, and I’m proud to say it was our biggest year ever. Despite traffic declining for traditional blogs across the web, audience size, and engagement both increased for S/W. This equated into more paid submissions than ever before, and the most films programmed on site in a calendar year as well. 

Editorially, our quest to uncover and feature the best shorts on the internet continued unabated, though we did add a couple of recurring features: after introducing it in late 2016, we had a full year of our Best of the Month series, which highlighted our most favored picks. As we have upped our programming frequency, it’s a great way for you to check in and sample our truly essential selections. We also began a monthly Filmmaker Update, which collects cool news and happenings from our large, and growing pool of S/W alums. 

In other site news, we launched The S/W Shop. Just in time for the start of the festival season, you can rock S/W-branded swag, and be the envy of your peers as you highlight your good taste. We’ve got plans in the works for new products and cool filmmaker-collabs in 2018, so be sure to check back for news on that front. 

On the team front, congrats to our former intern Céline, who graduated to full team status this year as well. We’re looking to grow the team in 2018 even further, so if you applied, thanks for your patience so far, we’ll be doing a new round soon!

Lastly we’re in beta on our new Partnerships plan which will seek to connect discerning brands with our audience, filmmakers, and content. If you’re interested in working with us, we want to hear from you. 

Below are two pieces that dive into some of the trends we saw in 2017, and go deeper into what we did here at S/W in 2017. Below that you can dig into individual Top Tens from our staff of curators. Click through on individual lists to access the films and read a note from our writers. 

Happy Holidays,

S/W Team




Team Top Tens for 2017

We want to give you a plethora of film options to gorge yourself on during the holiday break. For the first time, we’re publishing individual Top Tens from some of our staff of short-film crazed curators. Don’t worry, the SotW Awards will still be forthcoming in the new year, but for now enjoy the idiosyncratic tastes of the S/W family. Click on an individual list to be taken to a new page with the films, and a short comment from the writer!




  1. I Know You From Somewhere
  2. Unremarkable
  3. Hot Seat
  4. Backstory
  5. The Rabbit Hunt
  6. Happiness
  7. Wednesday With Goddard
  8. Whispers Among Wolves
  9. Ubermensch
  10. Curve
  1. I Know You From Somewhere
  2. Two Dosas
  3. The Disappearance of Willie Bingham
  4. Unremarkable
  5. Here’s the Plan
  6. The Rolling Mill
  7. Whispers Among Wolves
  8. Tonight I Dance With Death
  9. Sweet Things
  10. Fill Your Heart With French Fries
  1. I Turn To Jello
  2. People in Cars
  3. Unremarkable
  4. Mr. Madila
  5. Fish Story
  6. The Rabbit Hunt
  7. Born in a Void
  8. Curve
  9. Supporting Film
  10. My Last Film


Adam Banks


  1. Dawn of the Deaf
  2. Cosmic Bowling
  3. Fox and the Whale
  4. Fill Your Heart With French Fries
  5. 5 Films About Technology
  6. At the End of the Cul-De-Sac
  7. Happiness
  8. Klementhro
  9. Election Night
  10. The Residue of a Relationship
  1. Brian and Charles
  2. Sweet Things
  3. The Itching
  4. Working with Jigsaw
  5. A Lack of Dating in Brooklyn
  6. Unremarkable
  7. I Turn to Jello
  8. Ford Clitaurus
  9. Sea Pilgrim
  10. The Mess He Made
  1. I Know You From Somewhere
  2. Fill Your Heart With French Fries
  3. Dawn of the Deaf
  4. Hellingproef / Clutch Control
  5. Whispers Among Wolves
  6. Kiss Kiss Fingerbang
  7. Here is the Plan
  8. Mutants
  9. Black Holes
  10. 5 Films About Technology



  1. Unremarkable
  2. Curve
  3. Working with Jigsaw
  4. Backstory
  5. Saturday
  6. Mr Madila
  7. Standby
  8. Dan Miller
  9. Sweet Things
  10. Fish Story
  1. F is for Friendship
  2. Traitor Knight
  3. I Know You From Somewhere
  4. Whispers Among Wolves
  5. Unremarkable
  6. Dawn of the Deaf
  7. I Love Luci
  8. Sweet Things
  9. The Disappearance of Willie Bingham
  10. Curve