Rainn Wilson (NBC’s The Office) plays Rainn Wilson, a huge fan of the band Blitzen Trapper, who desires nothing more than to play onstage with them. Naturally they refuse, and Wilson doesn’t take it very well in this short film which debuted recently at SXSW (the third SXSW debut to come online this week!). Of course I don’t much care for The Office, and as a Seattle-ite, I’m much more partial to Fleet Foxes than Portland’s Blitzen Trapper, so this is another one of those films I feel an obligation to tell you about due to buzz, rather than my intrinsic appreciation for it. That said, aside from the names involved, the short film is also interesting for the way it’s being made available—via a new service called SundanceNow, a streaming rental platform developed by the venerable Park City festival. I haven’t checked it out too much, but it looks like it could be a pretty great service for distributing a lot of the smaller festival films that don’t get iTunes or Cable VOD. This short is, I guess, an advertisement for the service, and is freely available for the next week, but you do have to sign up with an email and password with Sundance to access it. Check it out at: SundanceNow