No docs or animations for February’s list. We were obsessed with narrative stories the last few weeks, and this latest monthly round-up of our favorite films reflects that. 

Female protagonists are front and center in the three films, each an interesting and nuanced role that reflect the competing cultural demands on women, and the difficulty of navigating one’s own path. My Last Film does this through morbid satire, skewering both a filmmaking world in which feminine value is predicated on attractiveness, yet not withholding judgement on the inanity of the various types who submit themselves to it. Cracked Screen is a devastating indictment of social media and the culture of external validation that shapes self-worth, as we peer vicariously into a woman’s world through her Snapchat Stories taking place before, and after, a horrific attack. Lastly, Whispers Among Wolves, a showy writing showcase full of comedic witty banter, does dig underneath the surface of its abusive, alcoholic CEO and dramatize what she feels she has had to give up as a woman to compete in a cut-throat business environment. 

So enjoy below, our favorite shorts from the month of February. 

Experimental Zia Anger

My Last Film

An exhilarating, freewheeling black comedy, Zia Anger’s latest short takes aim at the independent film scenes in NY and L.A.

Comedy Kevin Lim

Whispers Among Wolves

Every Wednesday, an alcoholic CEO and her PA sit down to business. But tonight, old wounds will reopen and their co-dependency will come under scrutiny.

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