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Poem DC Turner

Tim Minchin's STORM: the Animated Movie

Tim Minchin's poem of an evening dinner conversation about spirituality and the age-old battle between spirituality and science.

Tim Minchin's STORM: the Animated Movie

Directed By DC Turner
Made In USA

Just spotted this amazing short which came online yesterday. Tim Minchin is a pretty big deal in Australia as a comedian/musician/actor, and here he writes and recites a splendid poem in the beat-style, recounting a dinner party in which he cannot refrain from verbally attacking a hippy-dippy guest for her mysticism, in favor of his rationalist, scientific worldview.

We’ve featured several animated poems before, but Storm differentiates itself through its length (10 min) and the fact that it’s dreadfully funny. DC Turner provides the visuals which are quite nice too, playing with the flat two dimensionality and angular design of 60’s ad copy—a fitting evocation, reminding us of a period when people did actually have dinner parties and talk about weighty things (what too cynical? Maybe I need a new scene).

For sheer animated goodness, the recent Thursday is a better example of retro-futurist stylings, but Storm excels due to Minchin’s clever wordplay and acerbic wit, which make it both a lot of fun and easy to recommend. Check out the website with wallpapers and making of clips.