Short of the Week

Matthew Foster

Horror about Desperation in Live-Action
Alex Horwitz / 21 min / USA / 2011

The scientist who cured the Z virus is hiding a secret from this zombie-infected world.

Horror about Human Nature in Live-Action
Nick Narciso / 17 min / USA / 2011

Twisted, disturbed, and interpretable in a hundred ways, all of them troubling. This is horror that is uncategorizable.

Action about Crime in Live-Action
Lin Oeding / 9 min / USA / 2011

A harmless discussion turns into serious action in this fable from Hollywood stunt man, Lin Oeding.

Sci-Fi about Other Worlds in Special FX
Mamoru Oshii / 7 min / Japan / 2010

A female warrior battles an unstoppable foe in this sci-fi film from Ghost in the Shell creator Mamoru Oshii with an ending that’s difficult to explain.

Film Noir about Crime in Special FX
Andrew Jones / 8 min / USA / 2010

Reporter, Holly Malone, is out to bring down drug lord, Dancoolo, and break the story of her career. It’s a fan film masterpiece with the perfect mix of wacky characters, memorable one-liners, and over-the-top effects.

Action about The End in Special FX
Michael David Lynch / 10 min / USA / 2010

Alien attackers, supernatural defenders, an effects-laden battle in downtown Chicago, and more in this epic sci-fi extravaganza.

Dark Comedy about The End in Live-Action
Carl Laudan / 9 min / Canada / 2010

It’s 1889 and the world is about to end thanks to an unlikely friendship between Lucifer and Archangel Michael.

Sci-Fi about Redemption in Special FX
Axel Ricke / 29 min / Germany / 2010

In a bleak future, a lost soul seeks desperate measures to escape his luck. The punishment if caught? Years spent locked up in his own personal nightmare.

Horror about Desperation in Live-Action

What happens when you mix zombies and beer? You get a seemingly unstoppable way to spread a zombie virus.

Musical about Redemption in Live-Action
Brandon McCormick / 15 min / USA / 2009

A dispassionate master of the stage is brought to see the magic around us every day.

Action about Crime in Live-Action
Andrew Young / 15 min / USA / 2009

Our hero faces danger and dames in this classic crime-fighter archetype.

Fantasy about Conquest in Live-Action
Chris Bouchard / 38 min / UK / 2009

Devoted fans give tribute to the Lord of the Rings trilogy in this epic fan film made for under £3,000.

Dramedy about Life & Society in Live-Action
Michael Lucas / 10 min / Australia / 2009

Looking for shortcuts past traffic, Christine and Leo both drove into an alleyway, only to find themselves stranded in an absurd concrete jungle.

Dark Comedy about Sexuality in Live-Action
Andre Ford / 15 min / USA / 2009

A twisted story of two parents who yearn for the youth of their children.

Dark Comedy about Friendship in Live-Action
Ryan A. Levin / 14 min / USA / 2009

There’s one in every group—the guy who always shows up late because he can’t get away from work—like serial killing. Warning: this is a dark, dark comedy. Enter at your own risk.

Dark Comedy about Family in Live-Action
Larry Ziegelman / 5 min / USA / 2008

Introducing your new lady to your parents can be an interesting experience — or it can be awkward, painfully intense and totally uncalled-for. Thanks, Dad!

Adventure about Life & Society in Live-Action
Scott Ingalls, Ford Austin / 5 min / USA / 2008

Rollicking period-spoof tells the untold tales of the Wright Brothers—airplane inventors and adventurers extraordinaire! First ep of a series.

Comedy about Love in Live-Action
Devi Snively / 7 min / USA / 2008

Possibly “the finest low-budget vampire beach movie of all time.”

Dark Comedy about Revenge in Live-Action
Rob Meltzer / 18 min / USA / 2008

For character-actor Andy Shrub, life means always playing the sidekick. What would life be like if he was a leading man? Somebody like…John Stamos?

Sci-Fi about Desperation in Live-Action
John Coven / 8 min / USA / 2008

All is not what it seems in this psychological, sci-fi thriller with top-notch acting and production quality.

Thriller about Desperation in Live-Action
J.R. Robinson / 15 min / USA / 2008

In this post-apocalypic world, only two people have survived—too bad they don’t get along.

Horror about Desperation in Live-Action
Takashi Shimizu / 3 min / Japan / 2008

Before Ju-On and The Grudge, Takashi Shimizu had to prove his new edgy take on horror in the form of two short films—this is the first.

Thriller about Conquest in Animation
Patrick Smith / 6 min / USA / 2007

A friendly, handmade puppet takes on a life of its own in this horrific hand-drawn animation by Patrick Smith.

Comedy about Greed in Live-Action
J J Keith / 18 min / UK / 2007

OFFLINE – Quirky British comedy about a crook who finds himself trapped in the home of a person away on holiday.

Thriller about Reality in Live-Action
Trevor Sands / 8 min / USA / 2007

This doctor has her work cut out for her as she struggles to resolve the conflicting voices inside the chaotic mind of a patient with multiple-personalities.