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News / October 30, 2011

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has clung tightly to its lead as the number one global site for video. But over the last few years, the amateur viral videos…

Adventure about Other Worlds in Stop-Motion
Tom Jenkins / 3 min / UK / 2011

When everyone leaves for the night, the objects in the office take over the computers to experience the outside world in this stop-motion animation powered by Google Street View.

Parody about Inspiration in Live-Action
Joe Nussbaum / 9 min / USA / 2007

The young filmmaker struggles to write his masterpiece in this film that comically combines the story of Shakespeare in Love with endless Star Wars references.

Experimental about Other Worlds in Interactive
Chris Milk / 5 min / USA / 2011

A new interactive music video for the concept album Rome—a collaboration between Danger Mouse and composer Daniele Luppi inspired by the music from old spaghetti westerns. An HTML5 project for use in Google Chrome

Playlist / January 30, 2012

We honor the best animated short films from the past year from a variety of categories including best 3D, Experimental, Stop-Motion, Student and Traditional Animation.

SOTW / August 6, 2010

Short of the Week was just hit by the round of malware attacks affecting many innocent WordPress blogs over the last couple weeks. Fortunately, Google caught the infection early and…

Satire about Life & Society in Stop-Motion

What we see as centuries of progress—two rocks see as just another passing afternoon.

Drama about Life & Society in Live-Action
Ashvin Kumar / 15 min / India / 2009

In this Oscar-nominated short film a young boy is caught on the wrong side of the India-Pakistani border. The film presents the common humanity on both sides as well as the danger in the middle.

Thriller about Desperation in Live-Action
Padraig Reynolds / 9 min / USA / 2012

Three days before the gubernatorial election a candidate and his wife find themselves in the middle of the desert with a horrible dilemma.

Article / September 17, 2012

You’ve seen the scenario before: some talented, young filmmaker releases his latest short film on Vimeo… and BOOM… practically overnight it goes viral. A few million views and a couple…

Drama about The End in Live-Action
Ted Marcus / 13 min / UK / 2013

Jamie’s about to find out he may have chosen the worst night imaginable to disobey his parents.

Tragedy about Human Nature in Live-Action
Antonio Orena-Barlin / 13 min / Australia / 2014

An ordinary day in suburbia is shattered by the unexpected. Based on true events.

Experimental about Life & Society in

CURRENTLY OFFLINE. In a story that plays out entirely on a teenager’s computer screen, Noah follows its eponymous protagonist as his relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of behavior (and romance) in the internet age. NSFW

Sci-Fi about Life & Society in Special FX
Daniel Lazo, Eran May-raz / 8 min / Israel / 2012

We’ve seen futuristic sci-fi before, but remove spaceships from the equation, how will technology affect our daily lives?

Branded Content Playlist / October 3, 2011

What is a branded film? Genres are much easier to define in hindsight. For now, it’s a question we can only partly answer. What is it NOT? It’s not a…

Comedy about Love in Animation
Lev Yilmaz / 3 min / USA / 2008

How to break up in 64 easy steps, as told from the insightful, dry humor of Lev and his lo-tech Tales of Mere Existence animated series.

Music Video about Childhood in Interactive
Chris Milk / 10 min / USA / 2010

Take a trip down memory lane in this interactive music video that draws imagery from your own childhood experiences of suburbia.

Comedy about Nature in Animation
Sharon Colman / 7 min / UK / 2007

A tired badger battles with a pair of noisy crows for peaceful rest, but inadvertently falls into a much bigger mess when an underground missile station is placed underneath the badger’s dwelling.

Comedy about Love in Live-Action
Timothy X Atack / 13 min / UK / 2011

If you hoard your dreams, someone is going to want to watch them.

Branded Content News / February 1, 2011

BMW is of course no stranger to short film, they set the standard for branded short filmmaking with their amazing The Hire series in 2001 and 2002. They are…