Short of the Week

Eamonn O'Neill

Interview / February 11, 2013

SOTW Awards 2013 Animation winners discuss the future of the animation industry—their experiences and their thoughts on how shorts are leading the charge for innovation.

Drama about Friendship in Animation
Eamonn O'Neill / 10 min / Ireland / 2014

SotW Award winner Eamonn O’Neill (I’m Fine Thanks) returns with his graduation film from the Royal College of Art.

Drama about Decay in Animation
Eamonn O'Neill / 5 min / UK / 2012

The indignities of life add up, sometimes more than you can take. But our protagonist is fine thanks.

Playlist / February 15, 2013

Among the tens of thousands of films that debuted online over the last year, the 150+ that we featured here on Short of the Week, and the 9 that we’ve…

Playlist / February 11, 2013

We honor the top animated shorts from the past year with a collection of innovative films spanning 2D, 3D, and some too difficult to label.

SOTW / January 14, 2013

We are excited to announce the official Short of the Week Awards 2013 nominees! We’ve nominated the top 10 films in each of our three categories—Animation, Live-Action, and New Media—as…

Horror about Other Worlds in Animation
Late Night Work Club / 38 min / USA / 2013

Late Night Work Club, a collective comprised of the most promising minimalist animators on the internet, releases their first project—an omnibus of shorts that tell stories from the great beyond.