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SOTW / September 7, 2013

We’ve been curating the world of online films for over 6 years. Believe it or not, we’re currently in our 3rd iteration of (big points to anyone who remembers version 1). And while we continue to improve it in small ways every month, every couple years we like to take a larger step back to re-envision and redesign the site on a larger scale. What will #4 look like? For that, we need your help. We’re asking you to please take part in our reader poll. Help us evolve Short of the Week. Share your thoughts, your opinions, your ideas.

Andrew makes no attempt to hide his love for the magic art of animation. He appreciates compelling visuals but never forgets that in this modern age, a strong story always reigns supreme. You can see his work at or his latest film The Thomas Beale Cipher.