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Head Over Heels

CURRENTLY OFFLINE—For a limited time, Timothy Reckart’s 2013 Oscar-nominated animation is online. An elderly couple live in two radically different ways, but find the will to come together.

Wow! Hot on the heels of Minkyu Lee releasing Adam and Dog online, the NFTS has posted Head Over Heels to YouTube. Now almost the entire Animation field is online, minus The Simpsons. Check out our updated Oscar page with full links.

Head Over Heels is a graduate work from Timothy Reckart, made while at the NFTS. Considering PES’ large profile nowadays, Reckart is the choice for all of us who root for underdogs. The film makes such rooting easy, as it is a truly impressive effort, with an astonishing amount of labor. Shot in stop-motion, the modeling is intricate and plentiful, creating an incredibly rich world for its characters to inhabit.

The two characters are an elderly husband and wife. The image above more concisely explains the concept of the film than words can—a sci-fi premise to a film that is entirely uninterested in exploring that premise—opting in favor of relating a simple and sweet story about a couple who drift apart, only to come together again.

The metaphor is, of course, a bit heavy-handed, but the portrayal of the interior worlds of the characters are not. Reckart exhibits a great deal of patience in allowing the couple’s emotions to slowly unfurl over the course of 10 minutes, and in a dialogue-less film, a great deal of facility in his animation to properly communicate said emotions. The result is a mannerly film of unexpressed feelings, which, again because of the labor involved in such patience, rather rare for animation.

The NFTS claims that the film is online for only a short while, probably as a reaction to the recent releases of its fellow nominees, so don’t delay in checking out this student gem.

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  • laurel

    What about oscar nominated live action short films?

  • vicky mather

    Totally excellent short film!

  • Corrie Francis Parks

    This was unexpectedly wonderful. I had no idea what I was in for. what a fantastic concept and beautiful animation. I hope it beats out the heavy hitters.

  • Sammi

    The link does not work. Does anyone know where I can watch this film??

  • Ivan Kander

    Sadly, it’s been taken down. The shorts will be available on VOD and iTunes starting Tuesday.

  • Petter

    Short films are really amazing… this one is not the exception… very good job, guys