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A lonesome xylophone player finds a viciously growing tumor under his arm. In his attempts to get rid of the tumor he discovers that it has some unconventional qualities.

Short student films always have the opportunity to surprise, regardless of the school they come from, or how polished. Benigni was created as a simple class exercise at Finland’s Turku Arts Academy—it’s not even a graduation film, but the charm of its bizarre story got it a spot in Annecy 2010.

A combination of Puppetry, Stop-Motion and computer-aided 2D animation, the story wrong-foots the audience at several turns. At first a somber and restrained tale of loneliness, the growth of a giant tumor under the protagonist’s arm suggests a dark turn. But the tumor is not what it appears, taking the story in an unexpected direction, and the resolving twist is even more shocking.

Moving, funny, sad and surprising all at once, Benigni is on its way to becoming an internet classic, being added to the respected Future Shorts collection this year, and of course now a Short of the Week!

Co-Founder of Short of the Week, Sondhi lives in Brooklyn working as a Curator for Vimeo. Follow his musings on online video, direct distribution and branded content: @jasondhi.
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  • Gus

    It was good. I found it explained the main character really clearly, Brilliant.

  • Eva, Italy

    I really love the poetic way the character is portrayed :)

  • Levi

    So basically all you do is repost Vimeo Staff Picks.

  • Eva, Italy

    they actually are part of Vimeo Staff :)

  • Ankur Mishra

    good one :)



  • Crona

    Forgive me if this is messed up but I can’t seem to stop laughing every time I see that window shut