Short of the Week

Dum Spiro

It’s soldier vs. bear in this light-hearted “Merry Melodies” slapstick from students at France’s ESMA.

After the recent slate of stylish sci-fi shorts and depressing docs, it’s nice to kick back with some brain-dead fun, and students at ESMA’s Montpelier campus are happy to oblige.

Sent on a reconnaissance mission by his commander, a young soldier must venture forth to a woodland bear’s immaculately kept forest home.

From the very opening credits the film wears its influences on its sleeve, drawing heavily from the classic Warner Bros. canon with intelligent updates, such as anachronistic DIY helicopters and modern homages (including a subtle Simpsons reference).

The punchline is a bit weak, but the action and goodnatured humor make the 6min breeze by. A whole new batch of student work is in the process of being uploaded, so check out the school’s YouTube channel to see more.

Co-Founder of Short of the Week, Sondhi lives in Brooklyn working as a Curator for Vimeo. Follow his musings on online video, direct distribution and branded content: @jasondhi.
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    very good!!