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We’ve seen futuristic sci-fi before, but remove spaceships from the equation, how will technology affect our daily lives?

Sight is a new graduation film from the famous Bezalel Academy, which deals, in an incredibly well thought out manner, the possibilities and dangers of augmented reality.

In the film, “Sight” is technological interface for one’s eyes—a networked platform that draws info from one’s surroundings allowing for highly integrated “gamification” of everyday life. We follow one individual’s daily routine utilizing the technology, ending the evening with a first date. Does the constant influx of information help or hurt his chances of human connection? And does the technology pose unseen risks?

The work is incredibly polished and undeniably clever. Drawing upon current trends in social internet and gaming such “badges” and “points”, the Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo provide a superfluity of examples for what this technology is capable of. It is the most well-thought out and plausible futuristic short film I’ve seen since Paul Nicholl’s Golden Age – Somewhere, and despite a creepy turn, the result is very fun to behold.

Who isn’t having fun with this film however is probably Google. They made waves a few months ago with their Project Glass, an augmented reality device very similar to “Sight”. This film is on its way to becoming very popular online, and with its technophobic ending is probably not appreciated very much by the tech giant who wants to put the internet directly in front of your eyeballs. For the rest of us though, this is a very cool 8 minutes.

Co-Founder of Short of the Week, Sondhi lives in Brooklyn working as a Curator for Vimeo. Follow his musings on online video, direct distribution and branded content: @jasondhi.
  • ivan kander

    Fantastic idea! And, a great motion tracking/design piece as well!

  • Eric Goetz

    Really impressive for a thesis piece.  Very strong story elements and excellent production values.  Great motion graphics.  Nice find, Jason.

  • ShortsOD

    Simple ‘one date’ story, nicely wrapped up with effective designs that makes our digital world appear somehow oppressing. Good point, nice work

  • F. N.

    Anybody can explain the creepy end, please?

  • Jford589

    Sight just stole the idea of this video made 1 year ago :

  • Leah Edwards

    this is a really great piece, and i can very much see how philosophy plays into it. you can’t seem to get away from it once you major in it.

  • Mark Thompson

    love it!!

  • Ryan Gibbons

    he is an engineer for sight so he hacked her’s ou somthing like that

  • Jerahe Espinoza

    Future here we go! (its already happening now with smartphones and silly friends).

  • just some dude

    this is exactly how I imagine the future! why trying to figure out how to create holograms, when all the graphics can be downloaded to our brains? :) yes, that is going to happen.

  • Jonii Bryant

    Creepy ending but excellent story!

  • Jamison Stone

    VERY good!

  • Jamison Stone

    VERY good!

  • Jamison Stone

    VERY good!

  • help please :)

    do the eyes communicate int his film?

  • Deanrb

    Really amazing work, very entretain and hope dont see this future soon

  • ralden

    nope… not the same… and sight is way better.

    “shutdown” was way too heavy handed for my taste. no subtlety at all.
    “showing” in film is (in my opinion) always better than “telling”

    “Shutdown” was all “tell” and very very little “show”

    “Sight” on the other hand builds a world by “showing” and doesn’t have to tell you why it’s novum is problematic

  • nickolas

    hackers are going to take over the world if this is our world

  • Alexander Manilov

    Just watched this. Great film!