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The Gloaming

An unknown man wakes in a barren land and shortly finds himself in control of a universe rapidly spiraling out of control.

God-like beings have been the focus of many a film, but not many have tackled the subject with the vigor and confidence on show in short animation The Gloaming. This parable of humanity satirically touches on religion, greed, jealousy, war and evolution (making it an interesting companion piece to Jossie Malis’ Bendito Machine series), with its brief duration seemingly covering the entire history of the universe in its fertile plot.

Describing themselves as three directors working as one, Paris-based trio Saii, Charles and Niko – working under their moniker of Nobrain – have created a short that adheres to their philosophy of feeding off the three different personalities and areas of expertise. With backgrounds in compositing, computer graphics and post-production, the talented threesome employs a variety of different animation techniques (2D, 3D & Stop-Motion is included) to create a film of striking and unusual visuals.

With the support of film production company Autour de Minuit, who also backed Logorama, The Gloaming looks set for online acclaim following the international acclaim it has already amassed, with a tour of film festivals already undertaken and a series of awards already scooped. Meanwhile the Nobrain trio continues to turn out music videos and commercials at a healthy rate, whilst also carrying out post-production services with their Sabotage Studios collective.

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    so clever!!! I wish I could make something with so much talent!!! magnifico!!!:D