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VHX Launches a Platform to Sell Films

News / June 20, 2012

With the success a few big names like Louis CK and Aziz Ansari have had selling their work directly to fans, VHX announced it is launching their Artist Program to help other (hopefully, lesser known) artists do the same.

It’s the dream of content creators everywhere, right? Cutting out the middle man and selling your work directly to fans.

The promise is one of convenience. Audiences can watch the trailer, make a payment, and view the film all in one place. On top of that you can share and embed your film anywhere—on a website, on a Facebook page, etc.

It’s not an entirely new idea—others have tried. Most notably Dynamo which powered the distribution of Transcendent Man but largely fell flat on its promise to revolutionize the film industry. But VHX has a leg up here. It’s already a strong video platform with a loyal user base that combines a simple TV-like viewing experience with your social sphere. VHX also goes a step further in allowing you to download the video in a DRM-free format. There’s no word yet on exclusivity of the VHX Artist Program or what, if any, promotion VHX will do for the content.

It’s great to see a strong community like VHX opening up to allow artists to make money through paid content. But the truth is, VHX is still playing the middle man. They offer you a service for a cut. And, ultimately, the biggest challenge for artists everywhere—getting noticed—still rests on your own shoulders.

What do you think? Are you interested? Will it work?

Check out VHX Artist Program


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  • Jason Sondhi

    Your closing statement is still the killer; how do you go about doing the hard work of interesting an audience in you in the first place? I do think integrating sales into existent social communities rather than trying to start one from scratch is a big step though. 

  • Andrew S Allen

    Vimeo has a community…

  • Genevieve Okupniak

    That’s true. However making revenue from that community. . . Puzzle. 

  • James McNally

    Yes, but people have become accustomed (on Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) to getting things for free. I think sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have started to develop communities of people who actually want to pay creators for their work. But what if a project is not in the development stage but is already finished? That’s where something like VMX might work. Still, I think these communities like their free stuff too much…

  • Avmedia

    Isn’t this just Distrify? They offer all the same services, included embedding, and DRM-free downloads.

  • Andrew S Allen

    Distrify, Dynamo, and others have similar feature sets. The difference with VHX is they have already have a strong content discovery platform with many users. Other offerings depend upon you sharing your film through FB, TW, and your own channels.