Short of the Week


Observe the antics of a wolf trying to peacefully work in an office chock-full of plump and succulent sheep.

You know how it goes when you start a new job?  First, there is that initial odd excitement about tackling a steep learning curve.  Then, eventually, you find your office groove.  Yep, you learn who has the best stapler, where the best office snacks are, and ultimately you celebrate when that first paycheck finally lands on your cluttered desk. But, slowly over time, that old rebellious streak sneaks back into your thoughts and, of course, you can’t stop thinking about eating your coworkers–every single one of them.  Observe the antics as a wolf tries working in an office chock-full of plump and succulent sheep.  Slurp!  Of course, the naive and innocent sheep are so helpful to their new coworker.  But, will the gestures of goodwill from the tender sheep be enough to tame the wolf’s wild and bloodthirsty instincts?

Directed by PrimerFrame‘s founder Jaime Maestro and created by enrolled students, Friendsheep lures us in with a corporate twist on a traditional fairy tale model.  The quirky tension of a wolf working in an office with sheep is complimented with thorough details. While a heart-warming story with endearing character development, this animation also delivers a final treat with a gory and cathartic climax all in slow-motion glory.

Craig has been addicted to shorts for a long time. It began when he pulled the trigger on a Super 8 camera and accidentally became a filmmaker. Now, when he isn't teaching or filming in areas prone to digestive disasters, you can find him at film fests looking for shorts for Couch Fest Films. Interventions failed to correct his obsession with stalking all genres of short films.
  • Jason Sondhi

    Umm, you just started a new job with us…thank goodness we don’t share an office! ;)

  • Joe

    So good, beautifully imagined!

  • Andrew S Allen

    Love the juxtaposition when innocent animation turns needlessly gory.

  • Andrew S Allen

    Love the juxtaposition when innocent animation turns needlessly gory.

  • Carolyn Klein Lagattuta

    nom nom nom, sheep….so good!

  • Cwitt-Filmfanatic

    The cut after the handshake (job offer) is great. The elements just fall out of the screen. i really do like this kind of animation. well done. i am going to write something for the university for this movie. as soon as i am done with that, i can send you the essay! cheers.