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ZombinLaden—The Axis of Evil Dead

He’s back. And someone is going to have to kill him…again.

Fake horror and grindhouse trailers emerged as a pretty fun little subgenre when Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez hosted a competition for the opening of their feature double-bill Grindhouse. Jason Eisener (Treevenge) made a cool one call Hobo With a Shotgun that he later turned into an actual feature. ZOMBINLADEN is the best damned one I’ve ever seen though. Topical, subversive, gory and funny as hell, this is disgusting, goofy perfection. And, at 4min, it has enough plot development and cool footage that I don’t even have to feel guilty about featuring it on our “short film” website.

French production-house Mork-Studio is responsible. Oh god, I hope this becomes a real film.

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  • Andrew S Allen

    These fake trailers are becoming short films in their own right. And this is the best yet! The production value is actually quite good. Some of the epic CG shots are more Hollywood blockbuster than low-fi grindhouse, but it’s a great remix.

  • Anonymous

    Noooo! That poor kitty!!! Oh my god, I was grossed out and laughing super hard. This movie calls for a new acronym….. GOALSH=Grossed Out And Laughing Super Hard 

  • Hans Jákup Eiðisgarð

    Let me put it like this. It’s a good thing this is a FAKE trailer. ;)

  • Andrew S Allen

    You never know. Like MACHETE and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, sometimes these fake trailers stir up enough buzz to be made into real features.

  • Hans Jákup Eiðisgarð

    I actually enjoyed Machete and Hobo (Treevenge.. not so much though), but I can’t see myself enjoying something like this. It may be fun for a minute or two, but making a  feature of this would be beyond stupid in my opinion. But hey, I am not crazy about zombie films in the first place, so what do I know, right? 

  • Jason Sondhi

    I love zombie-films (well at least good ones) but I sort of agree that Bin Laden would be a difficult gimmick to base a whole film upon. That said, all the comedic and horror bits in this trailer really click for me. So maybe not a Zombie Bin Laden movie, but I’d be on board for anything by this team. 

  • HardyHar

    This was AMAZING! Super funny and original! Loved every second of it.

  • Roberto2011

    Just Great.

    There is a game for Android also called ZomBinLaden, its also great.

  • Anonymouse

    Poor kitty :(

  • Nothing

    Yea, that game is fun.

  • Jonan Grobler

    Hit the spots for me. The funny spots, the grossed out spots, the ludicrous spots. 

  • anky cyriaque

    cool as hell 

  • Rafif Sujat

    Lol! it’s a great idea and so funny i must admit. but really, i wanna punch both the director’s and the producer’s face -___-. no lie.

  • Rafif Sujat

    Lol! it’s a great idea and so funny i must admit. but really, i wanna punch both the director’s and the producer’s face -___-. no lie.

  • Hanna

    I don’t even know what to make of this. It’s so ridiculous.