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The Silence Beneath the Bark

Heartwarming tale of two creatures exploring a new world.

It’s almost summer, and we’re heading into the thick of the festival season. A pretty big one just wrapped up in Toronto over the weekend, the Worldwide Short Film Festival, which bills itself as the largest short film festival in North America and is an Academy Awards-qualifier to boot.

None of the live-action winners are online, but I did spot this year’s Best Animated Film, a gentle and lovely film out of France, Le Silence Sous l’écorce by Joanna Lurie.

The film is pretty, and has some interesting sequences, but at 11 min it stretches the attention span a bit. If you’re a general fan of shorts you could probably skip, but if you’re an animation buff, like a few of us on staff here at SotW, you’ll definitely want to check it out. I’ve linked to Vimeo, which is a site I prefer, but also note that Babelgum signed an agreement with the festival this year to showcase many of the entries, and there could be some good picks in there if you’re feeling adventurous.

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  • Andrew S Allen

    This is a beautiful little piece. It’s amazing what can be done with 3D animation techniques—it feels very flat and painterly yet very dimensional.

  • Jason Sondhi

    If you’ve tried to watch this recently the Vimeo link is gone, but I’ve switched it to Babelgum and it works again. Enjoy!

  • Daniel Bottoms

    The art and music all blended nicely to the tone of the film. The storyline didn’t have much of an arc or real point to me.

  • Jason Sondhi

    Analytics show that a lot of you have been looking for this film, it’s back up now, I forgot it was a part of Fluxus

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  • Jason Sondhi

    Just updated this post with the newest permanent Vimeo Link.

    Also see a nice making-of Ms. Lurie posted.

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  • Pallas

    This ( is a lovely shortened version of the film set to Bjork’s “Aurora”. Simply beautiful.

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  • Olga Regina Doi

    Any idea what software the artist was using- I love the painterly feel of this film!

  • Andrew S Allen

    Likely Photoshop, a 3D program, and a compositing program. There’s a making of documentary here that reveals a bit more of the process: