Indeed. Congrats to the fathers out there, and to all of us who have, or have had fathers (everyone I guess). I decided to post a few recommendations from our archives for this day, but surprisingly, while going through our back-catalog, I noticed that short filmmakers seem to have unresolved feelings regarding their fathers! Imagine that. So these are some bittersweet picks. If you have a lovely relationship with your Pa like I do, (love you Dad!) go make a film!

Still from "Soft"

Soft: dir. Simon Ellis | 12min | UK—

Disturbing look at the frustrations of a man and son against nameless aggression.

Old Fangs: dir Adrien Merigeau | 11min | IRL—

Beautiful soft-spoken film about a son’s attempt to reconnect with his estranged father.

Dog: dir. Suzie Templeton | 6min | UK—

BAFTA-winning claymation explores the suffocating atmosphere in a young boy’s household, as he and his father must confront their dog’s deteriorating condition.

Frankie: dir. Darren Thornton | 11min | IRL—

A dynamic and well written story in a social realist vein. Frankie is fifteen and soon he’s going be a daddy. Desperate to become a good father despite the absence of his own, Frankie struggles to learn how.

Still from "Father and Daughter"

Father and Daughter: dir. Michael Dudok de Wit | 8min | NLD—

A moving tale of a daughter, an absent father, and the ties we share that surpass time or logic

Dad’s Clock: dir. Dik Jarman | 7min | AUS—

A moving ode to his dying father, Dik Jarman seeks and finds resolution to the strained relationship they shared by examining his father’s love of clocks—overcoming in the end the specter of his long-lost brother.