March proved a huge month for Short of the Week, after we proudly announced our new partnership with Oscar-winning producer, Michael Sugar and his company Sugar23. Alongside this exciting news, the third month of 2019 also saw us feature a number of insightful interviews (one with our ‘Short of the Year’ winner Oscar Hudson and another with S/W Alum Mickey Duzyj on his new Netflix Show LOSERS) and articles (including a look at Fox Searchlight launching their new short film channel with Oscar winner Skin and a recap of Anima 2019).

Featuring 18 films in the 31 days of the month, though we cut back a little on quantity, the films we showcased once again proved why we believe shorts are where innovative storytelling is born. Our three fav. films from March include; An emotional science-fiction short for non sci-fi fans, a low-key relationship dramedy that takes an inherently “sketch-like” premise and manages to flesh it out into something deeper and a social gathering that quickly becomes uncomfortable after the suggestion of good old fashioned group sex.

Comedy Zane Rubin

A Good Dinner Party

When a dinner party takes an unexpected turn, Zoe ruins the night for everyone.

Comedy Matt Porter


Mitch & Emma's breakup is interrupted by Ryan, a stranger looking to buy Mitch's bass amp.

Sci-Fi Kyle Bogart


Actors are obsolete. Now there are just SPRITES.

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