If you were expecting the summer months to mean a lack of quality short film content released online, hopefully the 21-films we showcased throughout July proved this not to be the case. Featuring a host of festival favourites (Ugly, Superbia & Keeping Up with the Joneses) and a handful of shorts released directly online (Craig’s Pathetic Freakout, Sundays & A Play), alongside shorts from Cannes and BAFTA winning directors, I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to describe this as one of our biggest months on the site for a long time.

With that in mind, narrowing down those 21-films to a ‘Best of’ list was something we found very difficult this month. Usually whittling down a month’s worth of content to just three highlights, this month we’re highlighting four films that just can’t be missed. A quartet of live-action shorts, making up almost an hour of viewing, this playlist will really put you through the emotional wringer with its tales of love, loneliness and lingering lies.

Experimental Oscar Hudson

Joy in People

When Ben is told to "get out a bit more" he goes on a search for a sense of belonging in this short piece of docu-fiction covertly filmed at the 2016 European Football Championships 2016.

Drama Eva Riley


Sally’s secretive evening job forces her to face up to feelings she thought she had under control.

Drama Laura Moss

Fry Day

On the night of serial killer Ted Bundy’s execution, a Florida teenager is taken for a ride.

Drama Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette & André Turpin

Prends-Moi (Take Me)

A nurse working in a centre for the disabled is asked to provide assistance for a young couple in the intimacy room

Alongside all the short films we featured this month, July was also a big month here on Short of the Week as it saw us update our The Essential List of Festivals and Online Eligibility article and publish our new Be Everywhere All At Once release guide for short films

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