Whenever curating a selection of shorts, designed to be enjoyed in one sitting, I always like to consider the viewing experience. If it’s not a screening designed to showcase one medium, or elicit one reaction, then for me it’s all about balance. I want an audience to laugh, to cry, to feel happy AND sad and I feel with this month’s ‘Best of’ selection we’ve got that equilibrium just right.

Featuring four films (we couldn’t make that final cut to get it down to our usual three) and with a total running-time of just 30-minutes, this eclectic quartet will make you laugh, cry and laugh again with its unusual mix of stressed woolen puppets and jealous houseplants.

Fantasy Anna Mantzaris


The stressed inhabitants of a city have had enough and start acting on their dark impulses

Dark Comedy Sam Benenati

Red Light

An anxiety ridden existential melodrama about a woman stuck at a red light for what feels like a lifetime.

Dark Comedy Johnny Kelly


A recent widow mends her heart nursing a fern back to health. But please please be wary of a jealous, possessive fern...

Drama Erin Sanger


3-time S/W featured filmmaker Erin Sanger returns with her award-winning drama. A family's plan to stage an intervention unravels.

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