In a month synonymous with scares, our Best of the Month selections for October veer away from the traditional Horror picks (although we did feature a few of those) and instead takes you on a surprising journey through isolation, religious extremism and a forbidden sexual desire.

Featuring the year’s festival darling, a subtle, confident piece of filmmaking exploring the depths of depression and a surprisingly gentle and relatable doc (ok this one is about necrophilia!), there are no scares here, but certainly a few surprises.

Documentary Natasha Austin-Green

Dead. Tissue. Love

An intimate experimental documentary exploring and examining a female necrophile, as she journeys and recounts her life experiences.

Drama Meryam Joobeur

Ikhwène (Brotherhood)

One of the most acclaimed shorts of the year, and a frontrunner for Oscar. Mohamed is a shepherd in rural Tunisia with his wife and two young sons. Their world is shaken when their oldest son returns after a long journey with a mysterious woman he says is his wife.

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