With 27 films featured (28 if you count the now offline Judas Collar) and an in-depth interview with filmmaker Minhal Baig published, November was easily our busiest month of 2019. If you’re thinking we must have compromised on quality to feature so many films in the 30-days of this month, you’d be wrong!

We featured Students Academy Award winners and Oscar contenders and I’d even go so far as saying this is one of the strongest month’s I remember during my time at Short of the Week (10 years and counting!).

For those of you familiar with the festival scene, the trio of films we’ve picked as our ‘Best of the Month’ should come as no surprise – they’ve won awards at SXSW, Palm Springs, Anima and more. Three animated films, showcasing three very different styles, don’t be surprised to see one, two…or all three of these shorts in the Oscar lists announced later this month.

Documentary Nara Normande


Nara grows up on a beach in Brazil with her best friend Tayra. Her home is a paradise which will soon be lost.

Adventure Tomek Popakul

Acid Rain

A teenage girl embarks on a pupil-dilating journey through rave culture after meeting a wild new friend on a bridge

Drama Siqi Song

妹妹 (Sister)

CURRENTLY OFFLINE FOR OSCARS - Acclaimed at festivals around the world, Siqi Song's personal and intimate felted stop-motion animation is a top Oscar contender. A man remembers his childhood memories of growing up with an annoying little sister in 1990s China. How would his life have been if things had gone differently?

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