Five months into 2020 and May was another busy month here at Short of the Week. In the 31-days of the month, we featured 25 films – covering a diverse range of subjects, from filmmaking within the societal constraints of Saudi Arabia to experimental medical treatments. We even had your high-rise erotic rendezvous needs covered. 

Outside of our day-to-day film coverage, we continued to round-up the best shorts being made in lockdown, with our involvement in #ShelterShorts – view Vol. 2 of our ‘Best of’ playlists. We also talked to previously featured filmmaker Florian Grolig on making the transition from short film to gaming.

Boiling down a month’s worth of coverage to just three films is always an enlightening experience and for me, as Managing Editor, it’s an important reminder of the disparate voices within the S/W team. Once again, the picks for May showcased a range of different styles, with our trio of shorts including: a Horror that broaches uncharted waters, a story with the perfect balance of funny/sad and the bold announcement of a rare and vital new talent in the world of animation. Enjoy!

Action Kajika Aki


Set in a dystopic world, a young girl runs for her life while cameras broadcast the action. A violent and tender declaration of love to memories that allow us to love unconditionally, and to dream and hope.

Dark Comedy Patrick Mulvey & Andrew Scott Ramsay

Milk and Cookies

Grace is five. She wants milk and cookies. Real bad.

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