When we think of films about relationships, I’m sure for most of us the first impression that comes to mind is the standard Rom-Com set-up – Person A meet Person B, there’s an instant attraction, they date, they break-up and then some grand sweeping gesture brings them back together. However, films focused on personal connections aren’t always destined to display sweet relationships designed to make your heart flutter (although one of today’s picks does a good job of that!), some will make you sick to your stomach, whilst others will make you so uncomfortable you can’t bear to watch.

In this trio of films that make-up our ‘Best of the Month’ selections for 2018, we’re presented with three very different kind of relationships; In Georgi Banks-Davies’ Garfield we get to experience the awkwardness of the morning after the night before as, a young girl wakes in a strangers house with little recollection of the past evening’s events. In Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein’s The Strange Ones we’re presented with a mysterious tale as a sibling relationship is potentially not all that seems. And last, but not least, Dan Hodgson presents us with a comedic tale of infidelity as a couple attempt to make amends for previous indiscretions in Love is Blind

Thriller Christopher Radcliff & Lauren Wolkstein

The Strange Ones

A man and a boy, traveling to an unknown destination, find respite in a motel swimming pool. On the surface all seems normal, but nothing is what it seems to be.

Comedy Dan Hodgson

Love is Blind

When Alice's husband James attempts to make amends for previous indiscretions, Alice must navigate the choppy waters of a difficult conversation.

Comedy Georgi Banks-Davies


Krishna wakes up in a strange place, with a strange guy. As she pieces together how she got there, she realises that the reasons may be bigger than just the night before.

Not making our final trio of films, but worth noting as stand-out picks from June, we also featured two very distinct films from the Borscht catalogue in Dean Colin Marcial’s Manila Death Squad and Lucas Leyva & Jillian Mayer’s Kaiju Bunraku.

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