A light month, with only 15 films added to the collection, but a lack of quality was not an issue for us. It was indeed a vibrant month, with new films from two of our favorites, Michael Lukk Litwak and Andrew Thomas Huang, as well as strong work across all kinds of genres, from 2min viral animations, to 20+ min festival favorites. Speaking of the combination of animation and festival-favorites, Rob Munday interviewed alum Gints Zilbalodis on the heels of immense acclaim for his 1-man feature debut which took home a prize at Annecy this year.

There can only be 3 though when it comes time to make our picks for “Best of Month”, your handy retrospective playlist for the truly essential releases of July. This time out we’ve got for you an Oscar-nominated stop-motion animation that our co-founder called “a nearly perfect short”, an awesome actor’s showcase on the perils of texting-and-driving that is dark and hilarious (mainly because it refuses to admit that it’s a comedy), and, lastly, a frantic tale of water-filled wormholes that goes surprisingly deep! Catching them all takes about 27min—that’s less than a Netflix sitcom ep, so get on it!

Dark Comedy Alex Kavutskiy


A meager apology tests a woman's fortitude to forgive.

Poem Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter

Negative Space

A short, Oscar-nominated animation that depicts a father-and-son relationship through the art of packing a suitcase.

Dark Comedy Timothy Keeling

Two Puddles

When a family encounters two radically unusual puddles on a woodland retreat, unspoken tensions finally surface.

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